Top 3 Podcasts for New Yoga Teachers

Jul 12, 2022
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In no particular order of course.

Every new yoga teacher struggles with imposter syndrome, fear of overcharging, or undervaluing their work, or simply a lack of guidance as to how to make an abundant and fulfilling career out of the passion for teaching yoga.

I know that was the case for me. 

I had a deep desire to continue learning as much as I could, serve the people I was working with, and make money, because, let's face it, living a healthy lifestyle requires funds.

I've rounded up the top 3 podcasts that truly helped me throughout the years, and that I'm sure will serve all the new yoga teachers entering the scene.


  1. The Twelfth House - for all things intuitive business, entrepreneurship, content creation for spiritual, intuitive, witchy folx. @michellepellizzon and @holisticism have changed the way I do almost everything in my own business.

  2. YogaLand - the first yoga podcast I ever listened to. @andreaferretti covers so many topics that pertain to the life of being a yoga teacher in this day. Everything from philosophy, anatomy, teaching skills and tips, and interview with some of the industries top leaders.

  3. YogaBiz Academy - with yours truly! Started this podcast to help yoga entrepreneurs navigate the blessings and challenges that a career in teaching yoga can offer. The intention has always been to help yoga teachers gain clarity, lead with purpose and get paid for the incredible work that they do.


Are you currently listening to any of these? Would love to hear what your favorite podcasts or episodes are that have helped you lead with purpose and manage your business as a thriving yoga teacher. 

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