Niche Me Down Mini-Course


This is the first thing you need to do in order to lay the foundation for your six-figure yoga business...


After graduating from a teacher training program, you get a lot of mixed messages about how to begin teaching, making money and growing your yoga business. You can spend years in the hustle and grind, bouncing from studio to studio barely making ends meet.
And that's no way to live. The work you do is sacred and important to the lives of so many. You deserve the freedom to live your life with all the wealth and abundance you need in order to do so.
If you want to take your business seriously, gain some clarity on how to start working with private clients, corporate clients and creating passive streams of income for yourself, then this course is for you.
In this free mini course, you'll set the foundation for your business by learning how to identify which specific group of people you are passionate about working with.
When you lead with curiosity, passion and excitement, you will inevitably attract your ideal customer. This is how we effortlessly earn more, create and share the gift of yoga from an authentic heart space.


The world needs you and your individuality. Let's get clear on how you can communicate with those waiting and looking for you and your offers.



What You'll Learn:

The three big reasons why niche-ing down will help you increase your profits and position you as a voice of authority in the yoga community.
The three steps it takes to gaining clarity on what your niche is and how to create offers, programs and content for your ideal student.
The formula for creating your value articulator statement, which will be your bio and main messaging point on your website, social platforms and email. The more clear and specific you are, the easier it is for friends, family and followers to refer others to you and tell everyone what you do and how incredible you are at it. 

Meet Your Mentor: Amanda Paz

Founder & CEO of YogaBiz Academy

Hey 👋🏼 I'm Amanda, a six-figure yoga teacher, and CEO & Founder of YogaBiz Academy.

I'm the woman behind our frameworks and strategies at YBA and over the past few years I've been able to start and scale my yoga business to the point where I can liberate myself from the studio grind, work mostly from home,  and generate the wealth and freedom I wanted so deeply in order to live life on my terms!

After several mistakes and many years of being a broke yoga teacher, I've created and successfully tested some  frameworks that I can't wait to share with you through my different programs!

Using these different strategies, I've been able to generate several large cash injections into my business, consistently finding ideal private clients to work with, create corporate wellness programs, and launch my digital offers that give me those multiple streams of active and passive income (with some making me money while I sleep!).

And now I'm passionate about helping other yoga teachers do the same.

If you want to simplify the proccess of launching and growing your yoga business to SIX-FIGURES, have ideal clients lined up around the block to work with you, all whilst prioritizing your self-care... I'm your girl!

Get started below by gaining clarity on you who want to create for, your niche audience.

And let's work together to take your business to the next level. 🚀