Online Yoga Biz is a comprehensive program that helps yoga teachers, like you, launch and grow a profitable online coaching business so you can ditch the burnout of the studio grind and enjoy the time, location and financial freedom you desire and deserve. 

You’ll learn proven mindset, launch, marketing and sales strategies so you can finally gain clarity, lead with purpose and create the business model that supports your ideal life and soul’s highest calling.


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Amanda Paz, Founder of YogaBiz Academy


Let's talk about who this is for.

Online Yoga Biz is for heart-centered leaders like you. You have no shortage of ambition, but you're tired. Energetically, mentally and physically exhausted from running around teaching at multiple studios making minimal pay.  If you are ready to take your passion for teaching and build an online business that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, make a whole lot more money, and work wherever, whenever, and however, you’d like, then OYB is for you. 

You’ve been told the only way you can make money teaching yoga is actively in person. I’m here to tell you, that’s just not true. You have a wealth of knowledge, life experience and guidance that others are in need of and are ready to receive if you are willing to create it.

You’ll walk away with the exact strategies and steps you need to take to create purposeful programs, content that connects and sales strategies that convert so you can automate selling and enjoy more free time doing the things that bring you joy.


If you're a yoga teacher... 

→ who's reached a very real ceiling in how much you can make teaching in-person classes
→ ready to quit your 9-5 and turn your passion into profits but feeling doubts about how possible it is for you
→ who feels lost when it comes to creating a marketing strategy that actually turns your followers into clients
→ stressed out about how much energy you pour into your social media posts only to see it lead to ZERO SALES
→ who feels uncomfortable with raising your prices, but also barely making ends meet, unable to save or invest
→ who wants to work from home or travel the world more and looking to create location freedom
You are in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how Online Yoga Biz will give you the tools, strategies and process to successfully launch a profitable, sustainable and purposeful yoga business.

OYB Waitlist

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